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The Flo-Mo Blog

Florence South Carolina Relocation

May 20, 2017 - Video Review

May 12, 2007 - When you hire fellas to load your rental truck you first need to judge how many movers you need.  I use a 3 man crew.  That's me in the truck packing plus 2 men carrying out my orders - bringing me what I need next.  We do not use a ramp, and the primary reason is that people and things fall off ramps.  Our system is much easier and safer.  When you hire Florence Movers you are hiring thinking people; thinkers that understand weight balance and furniture fragility.  It takes many attempts at trial (and error unfortunately) to determine a loading framework and chronology of bringing items into the rental truck.  It takes years of seeing many different pieces of furniture and it takes handling experience. Some items are fine where they currently sit but yet challenging to move and handle.  It takes years to learn what to put next to what and years to learn some clever tricks in keeping items safe during transition.  Our leader has accumulated over 3500 moving jobs of experience since doing this full time in 2001.  The difference is night and day between a skilled packer and a hack grunt looking for his evening's expense money.